Push Button Switches

Waterproof Push Button Switch

These waterproof push button switches are ideal in application where waterproof push button switch is required. We have a large selection of sealed push button toggle switches in stock.

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Heavy Duty Push Button 60 Amp
Item Number: 15-100

Sealed Momentary Pushbutton Switch OFF-ON RED
Item Number: MS25089-1CR

Sealed Momentary Pushbutton Switch OFF-ON BLK
Item Number: MS25089-1C

Item Number: P7-CAP-RED

Black Cap P7 SWITCH
Item Number: P7-CAP-BLACK

Orange Cap P7 SWITCH
Item Number: P7-CAP-ORANGE

Yellow Cap P7 SWITCH
Item Number: P7-CAP-YELLOW

Green Cap P7 SWITCH
Item Number: P7-CAP-GREEN

Blue Cap P7 SWITCH
Item Number: P7-CAP-BLUE

Violet P7 SWITCH
Item Number: P7-CAP-VIOLET

Gray Cap P7 SWITCH
Item Number: P7-CAP-GRAY

White Cap P7 SWITCH
Item Number: P7-CAP-WHITE

P7 Mini Push Button With Black Cap
Item Number: P7-SW-BK

P7 Mini Push Button With Red Cap
Item Number: P7-SW-RD